Gjesdal kommune

Facts about Gjesdal municipality

Facts about Gjesdal municipality

Welcome to Gjesdal County!


Gjesdal  county is a mountainous district, on the west coast of Norway, between Jæren and Dalane, approximately 30 km southeast of Stavanger. The county borders several others, such as Forsand, Sandnes, Time, Bjerkreim and Sirdal.

The population of Gjesdal has passed 12 000, and is spread over an area of 620 km². Ålgård is the county’s town centre, with 9000 inhabitants. Other villages are Oltedal, Gilja and Dirdal.
One of Rogaland’s main roads, E39, passes through Ålgård. E39 leads to Sandnes and Stavanger in the north and to Kristiansand in south. The road is used by thousands of motorists and lorries every day, as it is the main connection between the east coast and west coast of Norway.

Gjesdal has one of Norway’s youngest populations, and the county has a strong focus on the well-being of children and young people. Every child has a place in kindergarten, there are good schools and a focus on creating a healthy environment for everybody.

In Gjesdal you also find one of Norway’s highest densities of sheep. Woolen products and textiles were for many years the most important industries in Gjesdal. The county’s symbol is a ram, which represents Gjesdal’s industrial heritage in wool and textiles.


Gjesdal County strives to put its inhabitants first, whilst also developing commercial activity in the county. We aim to provide a holistic service for the user, where internal departments collaborate to provide best service and with the most effective use of resources. Gjesdal County’s vision is “We go further ”. Our main objective is to ensure that Gjesdal is a great place to live, work and do business. 

For tourists

Gjesdal has lots of things to see and do. Our most visited natural attraction is Rogaland’s highest waterfall (with a fall of 92 meters), Månafossen, in Frafjord. Also worth a visit is Gloppedalslura, in Byrkjedal. It is Europe’s largest stone scree and was used by locals as a hideout during WW2, and has been a location in many movies. Kongeparken amusement park is located in Ålgård, just off the main road to Stavanger. 

Tourist information is located in Gjesdal library in Rettedalen 4, near Norwegian Outlet.